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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Socks and Love

Too cool with her shades
Many keep asking how Shelby is doing in all the change that adding a new baby to our family has brought.  She has her up days and her down days, but nothing has been what we haven't expected. She loves her baby, but often a little too roughly.  She continues daily times of struggle with the amount of attention the baby requires (and takes from her).  She has however managed, even during this time, to make small steps forward.  First she has learned how to put her socks on by herself and is almost to the point of dressing herself.  The socks and shoes are a big accomplishment for a girl who doesn't have good fine motor skills and still lacks a lot of the strength she should have in her fingers and hands. Second, she has started attempting words and gets quite a few beginning syllables.  Again, however, this is all on "Shelby Time" meaning she will spontaneously use words when she wants but never when mom or dad tries to get her to say something.  She walked to me last night carrying a book to read and clearly said, "boo_"; she has said "ba-oon" numerous times since her favorite thing to play with currently is a big blue punch balloon; she has also used "aw-done" especially when she wants mom to be done doing something she doesn't care for like combing her hair or lotioning her very dry skin.  But the best word attempt has happened two times with me, and both times took me by surprise.  One night, I was giving her a kiss, then signing and saying "I Love You" as I always do with her when I tuck her in bed, and she tried to sign it back (which she often tries now) and then said "Wuv".  Then just a few days ago she was on the couch giving me a big hug around the neck and she said " Iwuv".  Each time made my heart jump.  I am so anxious to have her start talking and hear all the fun little ways she says things.  I'm having a hard time waiting, but as I'm learning with this girl, there is just no rushing her!

fuzzy blue bear
Quick update on Caleb...he is doing well.  He is now sleeping at least 5 continuous hours during the night (Yay) and is grinning and cooing up a storm.  He had his first wellness check last week and already weighs 10 lbs.  Scott has started calling him "Big C" (which is a lumber/hardware place around here).  I didn't realize until I picked this photo to put on the blog because of his cute grin that he has on his champion eater shirt, ha,ha. I would not actually call him a great eater because he is so slow and sleepy when he eats, but obviously he is getting enough to grow well!!! 
What a grin!


Amy Kinnell said...

Yay! An actual post! Good job, sis!

Richelle said...

Great pics of the kids! Think you'll be out to NY this summer? Would love to see you!